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      CALL: 877.730.3738
      TEXT: 833.256.7442
      16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260


      Call us and request convenient date and time. Walk-in are always welcome.

      Your pieces will be tested and weighed in front of you.

      After carefully verifying your items for karat you will be offered the best price for your gold jewelry.

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      Are you in search of a reliable gold buyer in Long Beach? We will provide you with the best price for your gold at Cash For Gold Long Beach. Take advantage of the rising gold prices to sell your damaged, out-of-date, or undesired gold jewelry and get paid immediately if you need money. The top gold buyer in Long Beach is Cash For Gold Long Beach. To assist you in meeting your obligations and unforeseen costs, we buy gold jewelry, bars, coins, and other comparable products. We are trusted partner of South Bay Coin.

      Long Beach Gold Buyers Near Me

      You’ve found the right spot if you live close to Long Beach and are hunting for a gold buyer close by. The price you receive for your gold will vary on where you sell it and the prevailing gold price. For the past 40 years, Cash For Gold Long Beach has had a reputation for making the greatest payouts. Our goal at Cash For Gold Long Beach is to give you access to a network that assists in determining the appropriate price for your gold based on its weight and quality. Hence, if you want to sell your gold for cash, why not do it to a dependable and well-known gold buyer in your area?

      Sell Gold Near Me Long Beach

      Why go through all that trouble to sell your gold at the best price? We provide the finest rewards to our Long Beach customers in order to assist you in selling gold nearby. You won’t need to be concerned about cashing a check since we will offer you cash for your gold. Give us a call or stop by our store to grab your bargain right away!


      • Gold Bracelets
      • Gold Broken Jewelry
      • Gold Watches
      • Gold School Rings
      • Gold Pocket Watches
      • Gold Medals
      • Gold Cufflinks
      • Gold Charms
      • Gold Charm Bracelets
      • Gold Lockets
      • Gold Earrings
      • Gold Pendants
      • Gold Chains
      • Gold Necklaces
      • Gold Scrap
      • Gold Bangle Bracelets
      • Gold Rings
      • Gold Wedding Bands
      • Gold Nugget Chains
      • Gold Nugget Rings
      • Gold Nugget Jewelry
      • Gold Nugget Bracelets
      • Gold Men’s Nugget
      • Gold Masonic Jewelry
      • Gold Tie Pins
      • Gold Boxes
      • Gold Lighters
      • Gold Teeth
      • Gold Pins
      • Gold Key Chains
      • Gold Art Deco Jewelry
      • Gold Broken Rings
      • Gold High School Rings
      • Gold College Rings
      • Gold Champion Rings
      • Gold Class Rings
      • Dental Gold
      • Gold Bridges
      • Gold Caps
      • Gold Crowns
      • Gold Wire
      • Gold vintage jewelry
      • Gold Cameos
      • Rose Gold
      • Yellow Gold
      • Gold Anklets
      • Gold Rolex Watches
      • Gold Candle Holders
      • Gold Ingots
      • Gold Bars
      • Gold Framed Cameos
      • Gold Eyeglass Frames
      • Gold Bird Boxes
      • Gold Money Clips
      • 10 Karat Gold
      • 12 Karat Gold
      • 14 Karat Gold
      • 18 Karat Gold
      • 22 Karat Gold
      • 24 Karat Gold

      Long Beach’s Best Place to Sell Gold Near Me

      Looking for a way to get in touch with us to sell gold nearby? We are easily accessible if you are in Long Beach because of our two prime locations. Just follow the directions on the map to one of the two sites listed below to find us:

      Cash For Gold Long Beach – 16916 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA-90260

      Where to Sell Gold Jewelry in Long Beach

      In Long Beach, exchanging your gold jewelry for money is quick, simple, and private. We buy bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories. The final amount you would receive for your gold jewelry would be significantly influenced by the weight and prevailing market price of gold. The purity of each item of gold jewelry is stamped on it, making it simple for Cash For Gold Long Beach to determine the ultimate cost.

      Some of us adore wearing gold jewelry for special events, while others choose to invest in gold bars and coins. When you have a need for money in an emergency, this traditional investment strategy can be very beneficial. Cash For Gold Long Beach also buys gold bars and gold coins in addition to gold jewelry.

      Places that Buy Gold Jewelry Near Me Long Beach

      There are several places to buy gold jewelry nearby in Long Beach, California. You may find a ton of options where you can sell the gold for cash by just searching for “Places that Buy Gold Jewelry Near Me,” but Cash For Gold Long Beach is known as the most reliable and best alternative for Long Beach consumers. Always make sure you sell your gold to a reliable and licensed buyer, such as Cash For Gold Long Beach, to get the greatest price without facing any unforeseen problems.

      How to Sell Gold for Fast Cash?

      Sell your gold in Long Beach to receive quick cash. Your gold jewelry, bars, medals, and other items can be exchanged for cash because we accept all kinds of gold. When you sell gold for quick cash today, you receive the greatest compensation for your used or outdated gold jewelry.

      When is the Best Time to Sell My Gold?

      The price of gold fluctuates constantly. The price of your gold may change based on market supply and demand. The cost may change daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Checking the gold’s market worth is the greatest way to determine when to sell it. You can sell your gold to obtain decent profits if the value is at its peak on the market right now.